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Reasons for the screw air compressor to jump


The main reasons for the screw air compressor tripping are as follows:

1. Start with pressure. Check the pressure gauge on the oil and gas tank on site. If the pressure gauge shows pressure, it is preliminarily determined that the system may not be fully depressurized, causing the compressor to start under pressure, resulting in too high starting current and causing the air switch to trip to protect the unit.

In the screw air compressor, the minimum pressure valve often fails, or the pressure relief system is blocked and the compressor is shut down, and there is still pressure in the system. There are generally two possibilities when the pressure gauge shows pressure: one is that there is indeed pressure in the system; the other is that the pressure gauge is damaged and cannot be reset to zero normally.

Judgment method: Open and open the pressure relief device or valve. If the pressure gauge in the oil and gas barrel shows pressure, it is judged that there is no pressure in the system, and the pressure gauge cannot be reset to zero; otherwise, the system is under pressure.

2. The unloading valve is faulty. The unloading valve is an important part of the air compressor. Its main function is to control the loading and unloading of the unit, that is, to control the air intake of the compressor.

Generally, it can be judged whether the unloading valve is closed by removing the air filter. Most of the unloading valve failures are that the intake baffle is stuck on the guide rod. At this time, the position of the piston should make the intake baffle close, but the unloading valve cannot be closed because the intake baffle is stuck. In addition, the unloading valve intake baffle is stuck by foreign matter, etc., which will also cause the unloading valve to not be fully closed. This type of cleaning only needs to clean up the impurities before the unit can be turned on smoothly; if the intake baffle is stuck on the guide rod, grind the guide rod with sandpaper, and apply a small amount of grease on the guide rod; if the unloading valve is damaged Seriously, the unloading valve needs to be replaced.

3. Lubricating oil causes high temperature jump. There is a temperature-sensing probe on the sliding valve core of the temperature-controlled bypass valve. The probe controls the on-off of the valve core. It is judged that the opening temperature of the temperature-controlled bypass valve is within 70±10 °C; The temperature point action, so that the hot lubricating oil from the air compressor body can not or all be cooled by the oil cooler and directly return to the air compressor body, so that the temperature of the screw air compressor cannot be effectively controlled. When the lubricating oil with impurities passes through the temperature control valve, the sliding sliding core is stuck, so that the valve core cannot be completely closed, and some oil is directly bypassed to the machine, and the cooling effect is not good.

4. If the resistance of the machine head is too large, the overload phenomenon will be caused, which will lead to the tripping of the air switch. The role of lubricating oil in the air compressor system is very important, and the quality of the oil and the amount of oil directly affect the normal operation of the compressor and the service life of the compressor.

5. Electrical installation failure Many users use 380V low-voltage motors, which are started by star-delta conversion step-down starting mode. In the early stage, the star-shaped operation is used. When the compressor starts to run for 10s, it turns to the delta-type operation mode. If the star-delta transfer switch fails, the normal star-delta transfer cannot be performed, which will cause the compressor to trip 10s after starting.

In addition, due to vibration and other reasons during the use of the air switch, the set start-up time is shortened, which may also lead to instant tripping.

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