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What kind of air compressor is used for laser cutting machine


Laser cutting machine is a new type of cutting technology, which uses beam cutting. The cut objects have higher precision. However, auxiliary gas is often used when laser cutting machine is used. The thickness of cutting articles has a great relationship with the choice of gas. What gas is used for laser cutting air compressor? Generally, the gas compressed by air compressor is used as auxiliary gas.

Application of air compressor in laser cutting machine:

1. compressed air of air compressor (generally used to protect optical path, and some manufacturers also use it as protective gas)

2. auxiliary gas (gas from cutting nozzle of cutter)

The pressure and flow rate of each laser cutting machine manufacturer are different, which is closely related to the model and size of the cutting nozzle and the thickness of the cutting material. Generally, the pressure is required to be 0.3-0.8mpa, and the cutting nozzle is generally 0.02-0.05mpa. The flow rate is hard to say. For example, when cutting 22mm carbon steel, the flow rate of some manufacturers should reach 10m3/h (including oxygen for the protection of double-layer cutting nozzle).

The above is the role of air compressor in laser cutting machine. Generally, screw air compressor is used, which is stable in air use and long in service time. However, the laser cutting machine industry is inseparable from the demand for gas. It can be said that it uses gas all the year round. In this way, the opportunity leads to the imagination of large power consumption. However, the air compressor market has emerged in recent years. Energy saving air compressors have solved the problems for enterprises that use gas all the year round. In particular, the permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor produces gas at constant pressure, saving energy and electricity.

There are numerous enterprises that use gas all the year round. According to the gas consumption of customers, laser cutting air compressor manufacturers will also recommend appropriate air compressor products for enterprises according to the actual situation.

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