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Working principle of lubricating oil system of screw air compressor


Air compressor, lubricating oil, acting screw air compressor lubricating oil system ①The working process of the lubricating oil system The lubricating oil is pressed into the oiler by the gas pressure in the oil and gas barrel. After the lubricating oil is added, the impurity particles are removed through the oil filter, and then divided into two paths. One path is sprayed into the compression chamber from the lower end of the body to compress the air, and the other path is passed to both ends of the body to lubricate the bearing group and the transmission gear. Then (the lubricating oil of each part is discharged in the compression chamber with the compressed gas. The compressed gas mixed with the oil enters the oil and gas barrel to separate a large part of the oil, and the rest of the oil-containing mist gas passes through the oil fine separator to filter out the remaining oil. The oil enters the rear part through the pressure maintaining valve, that is, it is sent back to the system used. ②The oil circuit components of the lubricating oil system. After the oil device is in contact with the gas, the way of the oil device is the same, and there are two ways of air cooling and water cooling. .If the environmental conditions are not good, the fins of the air-cooled device are easily affected by dust coverage, and the exhaust temperature will be too high and the machine will trip.

Therefore, the dust on the surface of the fins should be blown off regularly with compressed gas. If it cannot be cleaned, it must be cleaned with a solvent, and the heat dissipation surface of the device must be kept clean. When the shell-and-tube device is blocked, it must be soaked with chemical cleaning, and the scale blocked in the heat exchange tube must be removed with high-pressure water of mechanical cleaning, and it is necessary to ensure that it is completely cleaned. . Oil filter Oil filter is a paper filter, which can remove impurities in oil such as metal particles, oil impurities and oil deposits. The filtration accuracy is between ~, which has a perfect protective effect on the bearing and rotor. Whether the oil filter should be replaced can be judged by its differential pressure indicator and operating time. If the differential pressure indicator light is on, it means that the oil filter is blocked and must be replaced. After the new machine runs for the first time, the oil and oil filter need to be replaced, and then it is determined whether to replace it according to the differential pressure indicator light or the operating time. If the pressure difference of the oil filter is too large and it is not replaced, it may lead to insufficient oil intake, resulting in high exhaust temperature and interlock stop, and at the same time, the bearing life will be affected due to insufficient oil.

Oil separator oil separator filter element is made of multi-layer fine glass fiber, the misty oil and gas contained in the compressed air can be almost completely filtered out after passing through the oil separator. Under normal operation, the oil separator can be used for approx. The quality of the lubricating oil and the pollution degree of the surrounding environment have a great influence on its life. If the environmental pollution is serious, you can consider installing a pre-air filter; as for the selection of lubricating oil, the special lubricating oil for screw compressors must be used, and it is the least recommended to use it. Fake oil or mixed oil. The outlet of the oil separator is equipped with a valve and a pressure maintaining valve, from which the compressed gas is drawn out to the rear. The oil filtered by the oil fine separator is concentrated in the small circular groove in the center, and then returned to the throttle check valve by an oil return pipe, and then enters the intake side of the main engine for recycling, which can avoid the filtered lubricating oil from being reused. Exhaust with gas. There are two main forms of screw air compressor system compressor system: air-cooled and water-cooled ①Air-cooled air is drawn in through an axial flow fan and blown over the cooling fins of the device.

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