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How to judge the replacement cycle of screw air compressor oil


Screw type air compressor oil is an essential working medium during the operation of the equipment. Its main function is to form a protective film to avoid the contact between screws, so as to play the role of lubrication, reduce wear, improve cooling and sealing.

In general, the lubricating oil of screw air compressor needs to be replaced after 500 hours of operation. In the future, it will be replaced every 2000 hours. These are only calculated under the conventional standard environment. In the practical process of screw air compressor, many factors will affect the service life and performance of lubricating oil. So next, let's take a look at what factors will affect the service life of the lubricating oil of the air compressor.

1. Quality of lubricating oil:

The quality of lubricating oil will directly determine its service cycle. As long as the lubricating oil produced by regular air compressor manufacturers and qualified in quality verification can be replaced every 4000 hours in a standard environment, while the replacement cycle of inferior lubricating oil is very short;

Note: do not mix lubricants of different brands.

2. Air humidity:

The higher the humidity in the air, the more water will enter the variable frequency air compressor, and the mixing of water and lubricating oil will lead to the deterioration of lubricating oil, which will affect its service life; Especially in humid areas or rainy seasons, users should shorten the service time of air compressor oil.

3. Impurities:

Including impurities entering with the air and impurities generated by friction inside the air compressor, etc. Impurities will pollute the lubricating oil, resulting in its failure;

4. Acid base gas:

There will be a large number of acid-base gases in the service environment of some air compressors, and their kinds of gases will also affect the working performance of lubricating oil, resulting in the shortening of its service life.

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